2007.02.21 (VICB-60021)
Description: The 5th full album, 8th overall. The 13 songs from this album were chosen from a 73 demo tracks of unreleased songs, maybe that's where the album's title came from, "iroiro" translates "various" or "various colors". This time there are a variety of arrangers also. At first, only "son to uso" had a music clip, but "kyou mo ame" got one featured on The Kyoken Hit Parade DVD. The cover art's painting title is "DOME", by Tomoko Saeki. The disc has a video track (#14) when put into a computer.
# Title Length Info Preview
01 sakuramichi 04:17
02 kusuribako 04:38
03 itadakimasu 05:07
04 akai yane no shita de 04:57
05 hana to dance 03:43
06 aiai 03:22
07 houteishiki 04:26
08 daruma-san ga koronda 04:37
09 son to uso 04:34
10 haikoujou 02:57
11 kyou mo ame 03:55
12 shiro no sekai 04:57
13 haru natsu aki fuyu 04:48
14 son to uso
(live video)