Yoeko Kurahashi (September 20, 1976) was born in Aichi Prefecture, started learning piano at the age of 3. Inspired by Sachiko Kumagai, she started writing her own songs during university. She is an Instrumental Music Graduate of Musashino Academia Musicae. Her singing style and peculiar live performances are easily confused with Showa Music (Japanese Era from 1926~1989), although she's often nicknamed "The Shabada-Girl from Heisei (actual japanese Era)". "rei" was the official debut in 2000 as a singer and like most of her releases, it's actually out of print. She's sung also for a commercial from Kao's "Bioré PerfectOil" cosmetics, which carried no credits and became famous because of its a capella catchy song. Yoeko signed a contract with BabeStar label in 2005 and her CD releases started to have larger presses. 3 years later, she declared her unexpected "cessation of business" and released her last album "Kaitai Piano" (dismantling piano), along with a final tour named "Kanshateki Kaitai Yoeko Tour" (Dismantling Yoeko Thankful Tour), which had its last day on 31/07 of the same year.