demo tape

There is no much information about demo tracks Yoeko has recorded, but one user from 2channel (japanese internet forums) posted an allegedly list of these demo tracks, as you can see a piece of the translated thread below:

42 :the legendary nanashi-san :2009/07/12(sun) 11:51:50 PM
izonshou... one year has passed but I'll never forget how fun was that "call & response"..

43 :the legendary nanashi-san :2009/07/13(mon) 12:34:54 AM
this "izonshou" is up at NicoNico.

50 :the legendary nanashi-san :2009/07/18(sat) 09:22:35 PM
taking the opportunity that someone came up with the subject "NicoNico Douga", the demo tracks in there were nice, weren't them?

52 :the legendary nanashi-san :2009/07/19(sun) 07:51:57 AM
the demo tracks have many nice titles. even the songs that were released have a different, a fresh arrangement.

60 :the legendary nanashi-san :2009/07/26(sun) 11:53:23 PM
I want the demos

80 :the legendary nanashi-san :2009/08/08(sat) 10:22:08 PM
"nakanaori wa taifuu ni notte" "chiisana iedesaki" "shitsuren to ame no yukue" "hatsukoi no hanabana" "imouto suki" "zangyou musume" "shin'yuu ryokou" "himawari saka" "kazefuki senro" "higurashi ni tsuite" "kanashii oshaberi" "miteru dake" "kidzuku bekikoto" "okujou nite" "mori e iku" "kikoeta kara"

The 42 user is talking about the "izonshou" live performance from Kaitai Yoeko Tour, now available on DVD. From these demos, 4 songs (miteru dake, okujou nite, mori e iku & kikoeta kara) were released and 4 of them (higurashi ni tsuite, kanashii oshaberi, nakanaori wa taifuu ni notte & zangyou musume) were leaked on the internet through NicoNico Douga (a japanese video streaming website). There is the possibility that some of those songs were released with another name or that they never existed. "kazefuki senro" reminds a line from "tate".

Note: "the legendary nanashi-san" is the way this board calls their nanashi, people who leave the "name" field blank.